Here’s what to expect when you are contracted COVID-19

Every night, I just prayed that my symptoms didn’t get aggravated where the virus started to attack my lung.

I was contracted with the virus at end of November 2020. I got the virus from my Mother, and since we’ve been living in the same house, it was hard to avoid the transmission. My mother got the virus from my sister, who got sick first and at some point decided to live in my house during her early symptoms (high fever with mild cough). My sister had mild symptoms and had recovered very quickly so she took it lightly and dismissed the possibility of it as Covid-19. Unlike my sister, the fever on my mother lasted for 5 days straight. I was alarmed with the situation and did swab test and we were both positive for Covid-19.

Our President casually blame commoners

After getting affected with the virus and see narration from our government, I felt disgusted and horrible to our government. For months, they have framed the commoners who get infected by the virus as a symbol of negligence and use it for our national public health campaign. It’s a classic washing hand movement from the government and put the blame on their citizen, make the responsibility of protecting our health into personal responsibility instead of state task.

How dare they claim the pandemic handling is not going well due to uncooperative citizen? Do they realise we have come to the situation where we never know if we have reached first wave because the numbers of infected people are keep increasing? It’s been a year since pandemic started, but our test rate doesn’t improve that much. Instead, we spend our time to manipulate the statistic variable to reduce the new cases and death numbers so we don’t fall below WHO recommendation.

Yet it’s funny because at the same time they also enforced regional elections to run just couple days ago and up to the point they massively send non-medical people to come to the hospital/infected patient’s house just to give the ballot. And this was happening on the same week where we just found out Indonesian minister arrested for alleged embezzlement of Covid-19 relief fund. It’s fucking crazy.

After I did my swab test, I used to feel nothing. But as the day goes by, I started to develop mild cough and unexplainable tiredness. I started to lose control over my ability to smell on the third day. Then came the high fever. It was very frustrating and uneasy because we knew all the symptoms but we didn’t know how far our body can defend it. Every night, I just prayed that my symptoms didn’t get aggravated where the virus started to attack my lung.

The doctors are very calm and assured that this virus won’t stand a chance if we a have strong immune system. But they also can’t predict the output. So it’s a matter of how your body can protect yourself. In my case, I was extremely blessed due to have no history related with smoking or damaged lung before. I was taking online medical consultancy with doctor from Premiere Bintaro Hospital, and prescribed with so many medicines. With total vitamins and supplements per day, I could swallow up to 15 pills per day for 14 days straight. Here’s the list of what I’ve consumed until now;

Vitamins and supplements are natural nemesis for people who have weak digestive system like me. So I suffered upset stomach along the fever and tiredness. I was forcing myself to keep eating whatever it was just to give my body a chance to recover. However, the tiredness sometimes became too dominant to the point eating was such an arduous task.

Swallowing pills were getting repetitive and tiring. I was physically and mentally tired. My sense of smell and taste were fucked up. I became overly sensitive with specific smell and taste, like garlic, or eucalyptus oil. Imagine one day I was ordering KFC and I literally could taste the GARLIC in the chicken skin, not just the overall savoury flavour. My tooth paste started to taste like disinfectants and I couldn’t really explain why.

I still have no idea how long the virus will linger in my body. But my condition are getting better now, and i will be forever grateful for that. I realise not everyone can experience mild symptoms like me. But since hospitals are also occupied, doctors are run out of option to submit all kind of patients. Self isolation are the only possible way for now. If your condition are worsening, you are required by doctors to come to the hospital immediately and get proper help. But you can’t rely on government funded hospital because they also have space limitation. In the end, private hospital can accept you with steep price.

This is the real situation of what’s happening when you get Covid-19. I’m still trying to survive, but I can get infected like anytime anywhere again because our government never really prioritise in containing the virus.

Stay safe everyone.



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